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You've Got to Have Your Own Faith


My Testimony – by Wanda Kidd
Updated 2008
I feel very fortunate to have been raised in a Pentecostal Church from my youth up.  My parents were some of the early Pentecostal pioneers who accepted this gospel when it first came to our part of the country in Oklahoma.
My father preached this Acts 2:38 message for forty years and taught us by word and example.  My father pastored the Pentecostal church in Paoli and—in fact—helped build the first church building, the previous one where our old church now stands.  I owe much to my parents--wonderful role models.
I would like to say something to the young people and new converts: Get your own faith in God—don’t depend on others.  When I was young, I had faith in my father’s faith. I had none of my own.  If I had a problem, I gave it to my father, and knew it would be taken care of.  But time marched on, and my father died.  I felt like a ship lost at sea with no sails. It was a long, hard struggle, but now I have my own faith—some, at least.  And, believe me, it’s a good feeling!
Having a daughter who had mental problems, I learned the importance of faith in God. Peggy spent more than thirty years at Central State Hospital and then several years in a room-and-board home in Ada.  She started going to church youth camp when quite young and received the Holy Ghost there one year and was baptized.  She marked the date in her Bible: June 21, 1967.  She always carried her Bible and kept it with her all the time she was in Central State.  Nearly everything she owned got stolen or misplaced while at the hospital, but nothing nor no one ever touched her Bible.  On one of her weekend visits to my house she said, “Mommie, I wish I could read the Bible through like you did.” And from that day forward a desire turned to a commitment. Pastor Erwin has seen her Bible and been amazed at the knowledge and insight she has about the scriptures.  God has truly kept His hand on her all her life.
Putting your faith in God is a wonderful way to live. God has given me a promise for both my children.  For years I had worried about Peggy and what would happen to her when I wasn’t here any longer.  But, on November 28, 1999, God gave me a promise.  It was Sunday morning, and Brother Vacca—a missionary from the Philippines—was preaching.  God spoke through him (as clear as anything I’ve ever heard) and His words were: “Your fears will never materialize.”  That day God gave me a peace about Peggy.
God is always faithful to His promises. Little did I realize that in the month of July, 2008, Peggy and my husband Kenneth would pass away within a matter of a few days of each other. The week prior to their passing, being concerned about both of them, I took my faith and went to prayer again. The Tuesday before, while Peggy was in the hospital in Norman, OK, I had one of the best prayer times in the Spirit with God. 
It was there in prayer that I was able to release Peggy and Kenneth into God’s hands. When I finished praying, I knew everything was going to be okay and that God knows how to care for those who belong to Him. What peace there is when you put your faith in God.  
God also gave me a promise for my son, John It came during a Sunday evening service on July 29, 2001, while Pastor Erwin was preaching a message on “Promises.”  He called everyone to the front and as we worshipped, God revealed John’s face to me. It was as if John had come and stood in front of me, and immediately my whole body was filled with God’s love as God made me a promise for my son.  It was so strong that I thought at first I would have to sit down.  It’s something hard to describe, but something I’ll never forget.  I’m holding fast to this promise.  I may not be around when it happens, but I know it WILL happen.
I’d like to relate something that shows how God keeps records and repays when it’s time. Many years ago I went to the Pauls Valley UPC church (incidentally, my father pastored there at one time).  Anyway, the time came for some remodeling and adding on to the church. There wasn’t a lot of money, but everyone did what they could.   I had inherited some sterling silver, dishes, and crystal.  I sold all this and put it on the church.  The years went by; my husband had a stroke and had to sell his business.  We had the building, so I put in a ceramic shop, then later sold it, and on and on things went until about 1980, when the oil boom was on. A man in the oil business came and wanted to buy our building.  He borrowed the money and gave us a good price.  A year or so later, the oil business went bust, and everything with it.  The man went bankrupt, the bank took over the building, and to this day I don’t know who owns the building, but I’m convinced that God was repaying my efforts from so many years before. Put your faith in God and trust Him. It’s the only way to live.