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What Is Real Love?


My Testimony - by Mary Willeford 


Many more times in life I was raped and abused by other people, so I grew up thinking sex was love, or being abused was love. There were 3 painful marriages. My first husband left me for my best friend, the second beat me for the 4 years we were together, and my last husband would have killed me had God not intervened. He was coming with a knife to stab me, and something pulled him off me with such force he was startled. He said he was giving me a chance, but I know it was God, because I screamed, "God, help me!" And He did. Out of all that mess, I had 3 beautiful daughters and raised them by myself, a very hard and emotional journey. Those miserable years left me looking for REAL love.

I drank some and hung out at the bar, always wanting to be really loved. One day I said, "Oh, Lord, I want to be loved for who is inside me, not a fleshly love." Well, my sweet Jesus sent a school teacher to be a station attendant next to where I worked. He gave me home Bible studies, which enabled me to really believe in God and start to church. The day came when the Lord filled my life with great love. I received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost at a church service. It happened one night during a revival. I went to the altar for the Lord to help me, and the evangelist said, "What do you want Jesus to do for you?" I said, "I want the Holy Ghost." He said, "Raise your hands to heaven and tell Jesus you love Him." I started saying, "I love You, Jesus; I love You, Jesus." And I remember being engulfed in this bright light and filled with the Holy Ghost. There is no way of knowing the real love of God without this experience. I felt more love than I’d ever felt in my entire life! Then I was baptized in Jesus’ name. When I came out of the waters of baptism, I felt so free of my past that all I could say was, "I’m free! I’m free!" Now I know what real love is. No one can love you like Jesus can! It’s been several years now, and His love is sweeter every day. The love of Jesus has helped me overcome the miserable memories of what others called love.  Oh, how I love my Jesus! My prayer is, "Keep me close to You Jesus." I love Him!

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