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The Promise Keeper


My Testimony -- by Bryan Abney
My mother and father divorced when I was 8. My father picked my sister and me up for a visit every other weekend. About this time, Daddy started taking us to Sunday school at a church attended by a man he worked with.
When I was 13 or 14 years old, the Sunday school teachers convinced me of the need to be baptized in the name of Jesus.   I didn’t understand all the reasons why, but I understood I needed it to go to heaven.
As I grew older, it became easy for me to not attend church regularly. Although church was not a priority after getting a car and a job, something stayed with me that kept drawing me back to church to find what was missing. I tried various churches while in college and after being a high school teacher. But it wasn’t until I was back in the Paoli Pentecostal Church that I recognized what would give me the delivering power I sought.
 On April 3, 1992, The Lord gave me the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost He promises in His Word.  It’s been a wonderful growing experience ever since (albeit, sometimes it has been a difficult road to walk).   On March 2, 2002, the Lord gave me the mate He had promised me.  On November 4, 2002, He gave me the child He had promised me!  I have proven God to be a Provider, a Deliverer, and a Savior, in the name of Jesus!  Now, with Jesus Christ as my Savior, I wait on the other promises He has given me in His Word and through prayer:  the salvation of my family!  I have learned to fret not, because He is a keeper of His promises!