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Moving Out of My Comfort Zone Brought the True Comforter

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MY TESTIMONY - by Connie Crawford

Not wanting to leave my family and move so far away, it took four years before my husband, Elmo, talked me into moving to California where his brother and family lived. I agreed to go, for a three months’ trial, so we packed up our three-year-old daughter and left my folks and seven siblings. Well, I loved California, and we ended up staying ten years. I now know God was directing our lives, but not without getting me out of my comfort zone.


Before we moved to California, a day came when our little girl fell from my car, went into a coma, and was in need of brain surgery. I promised God that if He would heal Debbie, I’d start back to church and serve Him. Many fervent prayers of my family and their church brought God’s healing, but I put my promise aside. Thank God He didn’t put ME aside!

Then came my first encounter with an earthquake which brought such fear that I told God again I’d keep my promise if only He’d let me live. This time I kept my word, and we began going to revivals at various churches in search of a real experience with God. Soon we moved and started attending a Pentecostal church with our new neighbor in Monterrey, California. When we told our family about the wonderful church, they warned us against attending this "Jesus Name" Pentecostal church, but we decided to study the Bible and find out the truth for ourselves. 

While attending a revival in Salinas, California, I asked the Lord to give me the Holy Ghost IF I was supposed to have it. When I walked into that United Pentecostal Church, I thought, "This is what I’ve been looking for all my life!" My husband and I both went to the altar that night. I completely surrendered my life to the Lord and agreed to be baptized in His precious name, and He marvelously filled me with His Holy Spirit as I began to speak in a heavenly language. A night or two later, we were baptized in Jesus’ name, knowing we were obeying Scripture (Acts 2:38). Later on, my husband and our daughter also received the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

During all this time, I had just about given up on being able to have another baby. However, while attending a ladies’ prayer meeting, the ladies laid their hands on me and prayed that--if it was God’s will--He would give us another child. God heard that prayer and answered it by giving us our son, David. Living for the Lord has many blessings.

As we continued growing in the Lord over the years, we are able to look back and see how His direction moved us out of our comfort zone so as to do more through us and with us. Circumstances moved us back to Oklahoma so Elmo could look after his elderly dad. After living in Enid for several years, we moved to Paoli in 1998. Since then, I’ve had cancer and, in the midst of that ordeal, lost both my parents. God has brought us through every trial and blessed beyond measures. We have so much to be thankful for, including two very special grandchildren who live only a few miles from us. We are SO truly blessed. Thank You, Jesus!