Leadership Team

Sr. Pastor

Terry Erwin

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Reverend Terry Erwin  and his wife  Pamela, has served as the Pastor of the Paoli Pentecostal Church since January 1991.  Come enjoy the ministry of our anointed Pastor and a church that puts priorities on relationships....with God, family, friends and lost souls.


Daimon & Teryla Hillhouse

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Rev. Daimon Hillhouse and his wife Teryla, are gradulates of the Indiana Bible College.   Both were raised in pastor's homes and have been activitely involved with ministry for the past 15 years.   Together they help provide the pastoral care of the Paoli Pentecostal Church family, in addition to overseeing many areas of ministry and outreach. 

Youth Director

Terrel & Tiffany Erwin

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Ages: 12-18

Teenagers today need godly support and influence as they deal with the challenges of life. There are many things in the world that pull at young people and can effect the rest of their lives. It can be a challenge to direct students down the path of life. As the challenge grows, we must empower students in the knowledge of the Word of God.  Let us help you and your youth by joining us for FUSION on Wednesday evening @ 7:30 pm. And Sunday mornings @ 10:00 am. 

Children's Ministry Director

Bryan & Cami Campbell

Bryan & Cami's years of experience with children, combined with their training, enables the Paoli Pentecostal Church to offer an outstanding learning experience for children of the ages 2 to 11.   Our Children's Ministry Department is known as J.A.M. (Jesus And Me) and has split sessions both on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evening.   Let us help you in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with your kids in a fun atmosphere.

Music Director

Teryla Hillhouse

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A gradulate of the Indiana Bible College with a church music degree, Teryla returned to Paoli in June 2009 to become the music director.  There are many groups that sing, including the Paoli Pentecostal choir which sings monthly.  Come enjoy the worship as we lift up the Lord in song and music.

Ladies Ministries

Pam Erwin

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Ladies Prayer: Every Tuesday @ 9:30 am

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies" Proverbs 31:10

Our Pastors wife is a great attribute to the ladies of the Paoli Pentecostal Church.  She leads by example with love and a prayerful spirit.  She oversees of the ladies throughout the year.  From ladies weekly prayer meeting to making fried pies, the ladies of the Paoli Pentecostal Church have a great leader.  If you are looking for a uplifting and inspirational time, come be apart of our ladies group.


Church Secretary

Donna Franklin

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A faithful servant, Donna Franklin helps weekly with various office duties. She is a great help to Pastor on a weekly basis in keeping the church office running smoothly.