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God Works in Strange Ways



My Testimony - by Michael Dobbins

While I have had difficult trials concerning my family, I thank the Lord, as He has bestowed blessings on my life, many of which seem very undeserving. Awhile back, I was playing with my daughter and sprained my ankle. As I was sitting there, writhing in pain, she gently said, "Let’s pray for it." We did, and when I told her it would swell up and turn black and blue, she kissed it and said, "It will be OK." And the Lord listened to her prayer--my ankle didn’t swell or discolor very badly at all. I say all of this because I am thankful that God has given us children who can learn who He is and why we love Him so much. Let the strange things that seem to happen to you lead you to know Jesus Christ. It’s one of His ways of directing people to know Him better.

While thinking about my testimony, I recalled a few weeks back when Pastor Erwin taught on the Lord’s working in strange ways. My journey to knowing Jesus was really not strange at all. I had a grandma who loved the Lord and loved her family. From my earliest memory, I remember her taking my sister and me to church. I didn’t really grasp the specifics of our church teachings until later in life, but I learned that God was my Savior, and learned the things that were pleasing to Him. Some call it a conscience, but I believe God was with me and guiding me as I grew. Although I didn’t go to church much in my teen years, there were convictions on me when I strayed from His Word. 

After I graduated from college, God began to work in strange ways as He reached for me to know Him better, in a more personal way. My grandmother’s mind had begun to slip, my mother became sick, and it seemed my life was in a tailspin just when it was supposed to be beginning. But God knew what He was doing, as He protected my grandmother from the worry of her sick daughter and healed my mom when the doctors gave her little chance. "The Plan" was to get me and my parents back in church, and I am very thankful that the Lord works in those strange ways.  

I often made a promise to God that, when I turned 30, I would be saved and get the Holy Ghost. I did this thinking at the time that 30 seemed a lifetime away. Well, you know how time flies and how God remembers those promises. And it was in a revival when I was, how old? 30, that I received the Holy Ghost, just as my wife did. What special treasures God has in store for those who will just follow Him! The Lord blessed me by sending me a girl who had strong Christian values. She was very supportive in helping me deal with my family situations, and the Lord smiled on me when I asked her to be my wife–her answer? " Yes." He’s blessed us with two wonderful, healthy children.

If you trust in the Lord, He will lead your journeys through life. Once my leg had been hurting, and I went to the doctor only to have the radiologist diagnose a malignant tumor. But after a weekend of praying by my grandmother and our church, that tumor turned into a harmless fracture which time would heal. While I haven’t understood His strange ways at the time they were happening, I look back and understand most of what He was intending for my life. The passing of my sister remains a mystery to me; but it was in His plan, and someday--whether here or in heaven–I’ll understand.