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A Roller Coaster Ride

A Roller Coaster Ride

By Lori Lynn – January, 2018


I first found God, in truth, back in 1995, in a little church in a small town in Oklahoma. I was hungry for the right change in my life; the change that would lead me down a different path; a path that showed me how to get closer to God. I wanted it badly, and I needed it.

I found God through His Spirit. I didn’t know God through His Spirit until I came to this small church. It was most definitely a life-changing experience that I never thought I would have. But I am so very glad I found God through His Holy Spirit.  There is nothing else like it or more rewarding!

I recall first receiving the Holy Ghost back in the 90’s in another Spirit-filled church. When they had altar call, I went up front, lifting my hands up and praising the Lord. What a weight was taken off me! I was filled with great joy I had never before experienced. It is truly like the song says: “It is joy unspeakable and full of glory…” It changed me for the good. I am happy that Someone loved me that much.

Now there was a walking process with God in truth. Learning how to walk with Him each day meant looking at my life through a different set of eyes: how will I see myself and others; what will I do with what God has given me.  Hope, joy, peace…I was blessed. I had become a new creature and I loved it.

Yes, there were slips and falls. And, yes, I even let the devil take my walk away. How could I have let myself get that far down?  Why did I give up? My flesh; my own carnal nature. What a mess! It meant back to old heartaches and carnal ways.

Well, God had better plans for me. I was slowly getting back on track, although it wasn’t in God’s truth. But this track got me back to being in His truth later. Now, slowly, I am relearning to lean on Him, change my thinking, and trying to be faithful to Him. And trusting that He will see me through all my trials. And not just to be focused on me, but on others in my life as well. Because in reality, it is not just about me; there are also others that I need to help lead to God; the people that mean a lot to me. 

I have asked God to make me a fisher of men. I am talking to several people and trying to lead them toward God. Sometimes it feels as if I am hitting a wall, but I won’t give up. It will happen in the right time which is God’s.  But I know that when we make ourselves available to God, He will use us.

Dear God, here I am, please use me!