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A Deliverer And A Keeper


My Testimony – by Elmo Crawford
The Lord led me and my family to California in1960, and this is where God began to work in my life. I was a heavy beer drinker and a smoker; after leaving Konawa, Oklahoma, and my old drinking buddies, my life began to change.
We started going to church, and—realizing I needed to make some changes—I repented of my old ways. I laid the alcohol and the cigarettes on the altar at the church where my brother James and his wife attended.
A few months later, God led us to a United Pentecostal Church revival at Salinas, California. My wife and I were baptized in Jesus’ name. We started going to the UPC church at Monterey, California. I prayed for the Holy Ghost for more than a year, and when I finally gave myself to the Lord, it was during song service. God filled me with the Holy Ghost, changed my life, saved my marriage, and delivered me from all my old habits. That was in 1962.
The Lord has continued to be really good to me. He has healed my body, supplied work for me, and taken care of my family. I thank God every day for His blessings and for being a God Who delivers you from everything you need Him to.